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Cabin Night in Riseberga

Comfy accommodation during your canoe trip.

Award-winning cabin from the 17th-18th century.

  • Newly renovated in 2010

  • 4 beds with sleeping loft (bed linnen included)

  • Complete kitchen with fridge, freezer, oven, dish washer, etc.

  • Open fireplace and firewood

  • Shower and toilet

  • Central heating = always warm

  • BBQ facilities (fireplace) and firewood are located outside the cabin

  • 1295 SEK/night

Good to know

The cabin is located shortly after the Riseberga camp site. It takes 6-7 hours of slow paddling to get here from Stockamöllan.

You can use the cabin in combination with all canoe trips of 1, 2 or 3 days. Just don't forget that you need to bring your own food!

Option 1: (one day)

You will rent canoes or kayaks for a day and paddle from Stockamöllan at slow pace for about 6-7 hours (including a stop to enjoy your own snacks). In the afternoon/evening you will end the trip at the cabin and spend the night there. The evening can be spent outside by the camp fire or indoors in front of the fireplace.

Option 2: (two days)

The same idea as option 1, but on day two you will continue the paddling for another 2-3 hours to end the trip at Herrevadskloster.

Option 3: (three days)

The same as option 2 above. On day two, however, you will spend the night at the Herrevadskloster camp site and continue the paddling for another 2-3 hours on day three. You will then arrive at Forsmöllan where you will end the trip.


The cottage in Riseberga is completely occupied this season until a new cottage is completed. We know at the earliest at the beginning of May if one will be available at some point this season. Contact us to check your preliminary booking on it to be first in line if it becomes available.


Cancellation of cabin bookings must be done latest at 12:00 three days prior to departure. Animals are not allowed in the cabin due to the risk of allergies. If not everyone in your group fits in the cabin, some can spend the night at the camp site in Riseberga, 840 meters from the cabin. It is not allowed to set up tents near the cabin as it is located on a farm. Before leaving the cabin it must be cleaned. Check-out latest 12:00.