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Canoeing on Rönne river

The canoeing trip on Rönne river offers great diversity, both in terms of nature and in the paddling itself. You will never feel closer to our beautiful landscape of fields and forests, with forests so dense in some places that it feels like paddling through a tunnel.

You will travel at your own pace mostly on calm waters, but will also occasionally experience a little adventure in the form of small streams that you need to go through. Alternatively you can step up on land and pull the canoe next to the stream. No canoe trip is the same as the last, and perhaps that's why many return year after year!

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If you wish to make sure that there will be canoes available for you on a special day, get in touch with us well ahead of time. Fill out the booking form or e-mail

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This is how it works

We provide all equipment between 09:00 and 11:00. The best way for you and your friends is to use two cars – one that you leave at the starting point in Stockamölla, and the other at the final destination in order to get back. If you do not have the possibility of using two cars and no one who can pick you up afterwards, the alternative is to use a taxi.

We take care of the gear after your trip

For simplicity and your convenience you can leave all gear at a designated location when you reach your destination. We have three different collection points.

What routes are there?

There are one, two, and three day tours. Click here to read about the various canoe tours.

How much does it cost?

Under "Price List" you will find all of our prices for renting canoes, kayaks, canoe carts and tents, as well as extra life vests and paddles. Our prices to rent canoes are based on two people and other than the canoe the price includes: 2 paddles, 2 life vests, water tanks, map and return transportation of the gear (after your trip you simply leave the gear at one of three designated locations). Taxes are included in all prices.