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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay by card?

Answer: No. You pay by cash or via Swish when your trip begins.

Can I pay via invoice?

Answer: We offer companies, organisations and authorities the opportunity to pay via invoice. No invoice fees are applied. We also accept requisition. Please contact us for more information!


How far in advance do I have to reserve?

Answer: Normally, there are canoes and equipment available on weekdays and during low season. For weekends, planning 1-2 weeks ahead is recommended. During high season (July-August) we are in high demand on both weekends and weekdays and it's a good idea to plan far ahead.

What is the age requirement to go canoeing or kayaking?

Answer: For active participation in paddling the minimum age is 12 years old. Younger children are allowed as passengers.

What is the difficulty level of paddling on Rönne river?

Answer: Canoeing or kayaking on Rönne river is rated easy to moderate.

What is the risk of falling into the water?

Answer: If you follow our instructions the risk is very low. We have trained staff in canoeing, kayaking, safety and technique.

Can I go canoeing on Rönne river if I'm pregnant?

Answer: Pregnancy should not be an issue at all. But please consult with your doctor or trained medical staff!

Do I have to wear a life vest?

Answer: Yes, when paddling via us wearing a life vest is mandatory.

Can I bring a dog?

Answer: All family members are welcome to join! But please keep in mind that space is limited during multi-day trips as the space is needed for the items you bring. We also no longer offer life vests for dogs for hygenic reasons.

How long does a 1-day trip last for? 2-days & 3-days? (The times are based on a slow beginner's tempo)

1-day trip Stockamöllan – Djupdalsmölla, 12 km, 4 hours.
2-day trip Stockamöllan – Herrevadskloster, 28 km, 9 hours.
3-day trip Stockamöllan – Forsmöllan, 37 km, 13 hours.

How do I get back from the end destination?

1-day trip Stockamöllan – Djupdalsmölla, 12 km, 4 hours.
Private car/cars, taxi.
2-day trip Stockamöllan – Herrevadskloster, 28 km, 9 hours.
Private car/cars, taxi, regional bus 518.
3-day trip Stockamöllan – Forsmöllan, 37 km, 13 hours.
Private car/cars, taxi, regional bus 518.

Can I paddle downstream and then back upstream?

Answer: The trips on Rönne river are designed so that you paddle from A to B – it is not possible to paddle back upstream. The 1-day trip, however, can be shortened so that you only paddle a short distance and then back again. Please contact us for more information on this.

Along Rönne river

What is available at and around the camp sites?

Answer: The camp sites along Rönne river are Anderstorp (#7) (paddling day 1), Riseberga (#11) (paddling day 1 or 2) and Herrevadskloster (#15) (paddling day 2). All of these camp sites contain 2 wind shields (accommodating 8-10 people) (except Herrevadskloster which only has 1 wind shield), prepared camp fires with grids for BBQ, firewood and axe. Garbage collection, toilet and large area for setting up tents. There are also nearby parking facilities (not in Riseberga #11). The camp sites are public and free to use. The camp sites can not be booked in advance. Each land owner/municipality is responsible for the maintenance of their camp sites.

Can I park a car by the camp sites?

Answer: You can park at the Anderstorp camp site (#7) (paddling day 1) and the Herrevadskloster camp site (#15) (paddling day 2). At the Anderstorp camp site there's a parking area around 400 meters from the site. Herrevadskloster has parking in direct connection with the site. It is not possible to park at the Riseberga camp site (#11).

Is clean water available along the route?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no longer any clean water available. We offer water tanks (10 litres) that are filled with fresh water at our facilities before taking off. This does not cost anything extra. Feel free to bring your own smaller drinking bottles.

Do I need to lift the canoe/canoes at Rönne river?

Answer: Along Rönne river there are 2 mandatory lifts. These are Billingemölla (#2) for 60 meters and Djupadalsmölla (#6) for 100 meters. The lifts are prepared with paths.

Can I fish in Rönne river? / Can I buy a fishing permit?

Answer: You can easily order fishing permits and learn more about the rules and regulations in regards to fishing at the iFiskes website.

Can I get lost while paddling?

Answer: No. There are a few branching sections on Rönne river (0-10 meters) where the passage immediately returns to the main river.

Can I spend the night or cook food somewhere?

Answer: For overnight stays, see the question "What is available at and around the camp sites?". The lift at Billingemölla (#2) has a camp fire and a bench. Always bring a single-use barbecue.

Finding us and our facilities

Can I reach you by public transport and use public transport to get back from the collection points?

Answer: Yes, you can. Reginal bus 518 runs along the route. See the following link for more information:

Can I use private canoes and put them in the water from your facilities?

Answer: If you rent canoes and equipment from us you are also allowed to bring and launch private canoes – however, the number of canoes is limitied and this must always be agreed in advance. In other cases you are referred to Gunnaröd (#1) 2 km away, which is the public launch site.

Is there long term parking at Stockamöllan?

Answer: Yes, we have long term parking right behind our facilities. You can leave your car here while paddling. The parking is free of charge.

Can I spend the night at Stockamöllan before departure?

Answer: If you wish to spend a night before departure, you can do this at the Gunnaröd camp site, around 2 km from Stockamöllan (see map). There is 1 wind shield, prepared camp fires, toilets and garbage collection. It is not allowed to camp where we have our canoes and business.


Do you have life vests for children?

Answer: We have life vests from age 0 and up (0-60kg). These are equipped with floating collar, reflex, whistle and extra floating power. We also have wooden paddles for kids.

Do you have life vests for all sizes?

Answer: We have life vests from age 0 and up (0-60kg). These are equipped with floating collar, reflex, whistle and extra floating power. We also have life vests for adults 50-70 kg, sailing vests and XL vests 90 kg+.

What is a canoe cart?

Answer: A canoe cart is a piece of eqipment on wheels that can be rented to help carry/pull the canoe/canoes at the mandatory lift sites along Rönne river.

How much stuff can I bring in the canoes?

Answer: We offer canoes of various sizes. The maximum weight is 350 kg on all of our canoes – but the maxmimum weight is only one of several factors to consider. Always remember to pack smart and to only bring what is necessary for the trip.

How many people can fit in a canoe?

Answer: If you only wish to go on a day trip you can be at most 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 young children (age 8 or younger) in the same canoe. Please remember that only two people are in position to actively do the paddling while the rest are simply passengers, but you can of course take turns during the trip. Also don't forget to specify how many people will be sitting in the canoe when you make your reservation.

Return transportation?

Answer: The price includes return transportation of the equipment. We are unfortunately not able to offer transportation of people.

What kind of equipment do you offer?

Because our demands on safety are high we only offer equipment from respected suppliers that can deliver the quality that we seek.

In total, we have 64 canoes of various models – from small and light-weight canoes that are easy to paddle, to larger and wider models that can carry a lot for multi-day trips. The brands include Hasle, Wenonah, Coleman and others, and are for 2 or 3 people, with or without keel. The life vests are primarily by Swedish companies Baltic and Linder, and are of high quality and safety levels. Our paddles and canoe carts are supplied by Linder.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to know more about the equipment that we offer.

Do you have any aluminum canoes?

Unfortunately we no longer have any aluminum canoes in our fleet due to the difficulty of maintenance and that they are more suited for paddling on lakes. The models that we have are made of polyethylene. This material is very durable and easier to handle for example when hitting smaller rocks, and tends not to get stuck when hitting larger rocks. To improve the durability of our canoes we also reinforce the keel and hull regularly. By choosing canoes made of polyethylene the weight is reduced which also improves maneuverability and makes the canoes easier to use for beginners.


Do you offer gift cards?

Answer: Yes, we do sell gift cards. You can easily order them here: Gift Card - Canoe Rental

How long is the season?

Answer: In 2019 the season is from April 16 to October 1. High season is in July-August. To paddle out of season, please contact us for more information.